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Spine & Joint Centers of America offers treatment to Florida patients. Our board-certified physicians specialize in Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Orthopedic Spine Surgery, and Interventional Pain Management.
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Your first visit to SJCOA is called the “Initial Consultation.” We will obtain a thorough history of, not just your pain, but your overall health as well. Then we will work together to determine what course of treatment will be best for you as an individual.

Follow up visits

A follow-up visit is any office visit after your initial consultation. These visits are usually scheduled anytime from 2 weeks to 12 weeks after your initial consultation. These interactions are usually to review imaging studies, assess your response to treatment, or discuss further treatment options.

Diagnostic testing

Oftentimes, routine x-rays are not sufficient to obtain a proper pain diagnosis. With many patients, advanced imaging studies such as flexion and extension x-rays, MRI, CT scanning, or ultrasound imaging may be needed to help us determine the source of your pain. We will find the best imaging center that meets our medical needs and your lifestyle.

Interventional injection therapies

To assist with either determining the source of your pain or trying to directly treat an anatomical area that has been determined to be painful, our providers can use image-guided injection therapies to deliver medications to the painful area. When we perform our injection procedure, our providers choose to use a generous amount of local anesthetic (“novocaine”), to perform our pain injection procedures without causing any additional anxiety or pain to our patients.In most cases, your injection procedure can be done safely in our office setting without the need for an inconvenient visit to a hospital or Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Surgical services

Spine & Joint Centers of America offers surgical services and consultations. We have Board Certified physicians specializing in Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Orthopedic Spine Surgery. These physicians perform a variety of procedures such as arthroscopic surgery, cervical disc replacements, cervical and lumbar fusions, discectomies, laminectomies, etc.

Subspecialist referral

In most cases, SJCOA will be able to determine the primary source of your pain and provide various options for treatment. However, there may be times when a referral is needed to address a condition that falls outside of the scope of practice for our providers. We may refer to general surgeons, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, and rheumatologists to assist in the care of our patients. Prior to any referral, we will explain why such a referral is medically necessary.