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Dr. Bereczki & Drץ Bahri are the best surgeons I’ve had the honor of being a patient of and surgically repaired by. They got me moving forward in my life. They gave me my life back. Daniella & Linda at the front desk is so awesome in helping you meet your goal of a healthier you.
Jennifer Hinojosa
WOW! Everyone in the office makes you feel at home… you almost forget why you’re there! Camille is outstandingly AWESOME with her uplifting spirit and energy. It’s so refreshing and pleasing. High accolades for Dr. Vargas and Dr. Bahri.
Elizabeth Halloran
The building itself was easily accessible and when I walked in Demika and Linda already knew who we were! Demika's energy is AMAZING!!! That's VIP treatment to walk into an office for the first time and they greet you by name 😊 we were also offered drinks and snacks while we waited and treated with such care and courtesy 😁🥰 thank you Spine and Joint Centers of America!
Elizabeth Waldron